"I'm Community minded and focused on improving and empowering our community through service and engagement. Committed to advocating for our community by listening to the needs and concerns of the residents and working towards solutions.  In order to serve as the voice of the people, you must first hear the needs of the people with   
the heart of a servant, and that is my goal."
The "X" Plan
  • Serve as the voice of the community in City Council as well as City Hall.

  • Quality Customer Service and Responsiveness to resident needs and concerns.

  • Create and introduce good (productive) legislation and public policy with the community in mind

  • Committed to advocating for your needs and interests by establishing resident committees to guide the direction of our community and to improve the overall quality of life.

  • Work to create a safer community, by working with the police and identifying other safety related groups and organizations.

  • Identify and create Community and Economic Development opportunities. 

  • Establish a business round table to assist established business and to help create new businesses.

  • Establish an infrastructure that will include all community organizations and their resources that are readily accessible to youth, seniors, and all who need assistance.

  • Served community as Director of Hough Development Corp

  • Former Cuyahoga County Executive Central Committee Member           

  • Worked as Executive Assistant in Cleveland City Council

  • Worked as a Community Organizer

  • Center for Progressive Leadership Ohio Political Leaders Fellow    

  • Graduate of Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland Class 21



Were you formally trained or are you a natural leader?

I would say a little of both actually. I am a proud graduate of Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland class 21 which is a program to help develop residents with a passion to serve their communities into well rounded community leaders. I am also an Ohio Political Leaders Fellow which is a statewide program to help community leaders develop into political leaders.I have a heart and believe it is my natural purpose to serve the community. 


What have you done in Ward 7?

I have actually served the residents as a County Central Committee or Precinct Committee Member. I also served as the Director of the Hough Development Corp. I overseen the community projects such as the Newton Historic Homes renovation and the Upper Chester project from a resident point of view. I conducted community meetings to keep residents informed of the process as well as conducted the training and hiring as part of the collaboration with the Urban League of Greater Cleveland. This was all done alongside Councilman T.J. Dow. I also worked with the Councilman's office to ensure and address the needs of the community addressing their needs effectively and efficiently. I also worked with various city departments and utilized additional resources when needed to resolve that matter.


Have you ever worked in City Hall or City Council?

I served as Executive Assistant to Ward 10 Councilman Eugene Miller prior to working at the Hough Development Corp. I gained valuable experience in how to navigate the structures of City Hall on behalf of the residents. It was and still my goal and challenge to see that the residents get proper city service.

Vote Boxes

A vote for me would...

First ensure that you will have someone representing your best interest which in most cases mean having your needs met. I would serve as not only your legislative representative but also as your advocate to help you get the city services that you need and deserve.


As your council representative I will write and purpose legislation with you in mind because it will be you I will consult with first. I work for you, I will be a servant leader. My goal and mission is to help get the legislation that will serve our community best created, submitted, and passed so we all as a ward and as a city be prosperous. By working with the entire city council I would bring forth legislation that will help and protect all of our residents. 


I will address each and every need and concern that you bring to my attention efficiently and in a  timely manner. You will be kept abreast of the status and if needed connected to a city official that can resolve your matter, so you will get service with purpose from your council office. I will work as your advocate to see that you get the service from the city that you deserve from start to finish. I will also work on your behalf with additional governmental agencies such as the county, state, federal and or other organizations such as non-profit. My purpose is to use my experiences to see that you get the help that you need.


Second, you will have someone who is driven and committed to see our community succeed. I would engage with the community to determine the best course as it relates to the entire community. Everyone from seniors to the youth. Area businesses and those who want to start businesses. You will have my ear as well as my desire to help you succeed in our community. I will work with  all residents to see that you receive the best quality of life in this city. 


Safety is a major concern and will be a top priority. That means that I will work to increase safety by equipping you with the tools that we need to fight crime collectively. I have myself fallen victim as I have been robbed and shot so I know all too well the dangers and the feeling of not feeling safe as I walk through our community. But I remain hopeful that by working together with the police we can and will make our streets and our community safer. 


Vacant buildings fall under my safety initiative as not only are they eye sores, but they are a safety hazard. Working as an Executive Assistant as well as the Director of Hough Development Corp  I worked with Building and Housing and Code Enforcement to get these houses boarded up at the very least and I would continue to do so as your council representative. I will establish committees to gather intel as to where eyesores are as well as drive the ward to locate and document these vacant properties so no one falls victim to the criminal element as well as put them on notice that someone is watching.


 I will work on behalf of seniors, the youth, local businesses to ensure that they have access to any and all resources they would ever need. I will also reach out to our big businesses and corporations and ask for their help in making our community a better community.


Thirdly, I have gained experience and  leadership skills and abilities to get this done. My experience as a block club leader has allowed me to know, help train and empower others to serve the community in a manner to make us as a community safer. My experience as an Executive Assistant provides me with the ability to advocate for residents when it comes to city services. My leadership as a former director helps me to develop strategies and to implement them in the service to our community. 

Isiah X. Thomas, Candidate for Cleveland City Council Ward 7